01 January, 2017

Investment Opportunity: Indonesian Beef Programme

The following is an investment opportunity.  This is an outline of the Trade Catalyst Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) specifically for the purpose of investing in the Consortium to fund the supply of beef and cattle products to Indonesia.  Our client is in the business of food security for nation states and independent political entities.

To date, over USD 100 million has already been raised from financial institutions and private investors.  ARK Nusantara Pte. Ltd is looking to raise a further USD 5 million through private placement and is offering up to 10% ROI per annum, and are issuing medium term notes (MTN) for a 5-year period.  This means, that in addition to the ROI per annum, the investor gets the principle back at the end of the period.  The company through which the system is run, PT Surveyor International, is rated by Dun & Bradstreet at 5A2.

In the current market, it is almost impossible to find a similar investment with that level of returns that is genuine.  In this case, the buyer is the Indonesian government, through her vehicles for their domestic market, and the suppliers are backed by instruments of the Australian government.  The cattle are fully insured by Lloyds, meaning that even in the unlikely event of loss of a shipment due to force majeure or disease, the investor is still paid a return.

Since the buyer is the Indonesian government itself, there are no tariffs and all imports are cost plus, meaning that the investor is not exposed to market fluctuations.  This ensures that there will always be a profit for every shipment.

For serious, large investment clients, MTN can be issued in alternative currencies to the US Dollar to mitigate against currency exposure.

Serious investors may email me at terence.nunis@gmail.com for the brochure and further enquiries.

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