22 January, 2017

Quora Answer: Do Companies Have to Show Who Owns Their Stock?

The following question was asked on Quora and answered on the 22nd January, 2016.

Answer: This depends on many factors.  Firstly, is the company listed since this is likely a listing requirement.  Not all companies are listed, and not all listings require this.  Mainboard listings certainly require some form of disclosure, perhaps the top twenty main shareholders, or if there is a potential conflict of interest.

This also depends on the local registration laws.  If it is simply limited liability, this is not a factor.  Even if not, there may develop a situation where a company needs to disclose the identity of their major share owners, such as when required by a court of law, or when there is a merger, for example.  Aside from these, no, a company is not particularly required to show who owns their stock.

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